Arrowhead Hunting In Northeast There A Map Of The Best Places To Hunt Arrowheads In Northeast Mo?

Does a map exist showing the best places to arrowhead hunt in Northeast Missouri? I live close to the Chariton River and would like to walk the creeks or the bluffs close to the river.But is there anything showing me where would be best to find arrowheads?

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7 Responses to “Arrowhead Hunting In Northeast There A Map Of The Best Places To Hunt Arrowheads In Northeast Mo?”

  • awftx:

    Suggest, and I don’t think it would be much different in any part of the country…. look along creeks and rivers, on high points and hill tops. These are the locations in which Indians made camps. Hilltops were vantage points and helped prevent anyone from sneaking up on them…. When I watch TV or movies and it shows the teepees sitting down in a vally, I have to laugh….. When and where ever I find Indian artifacts in Arizona and New Mexico, they are normally on vantage points above and over looking creeks and rivers. If you find a location with pottery pieces, thats a good place to look for arrowheads…..

  • Buba:

    Check with the conservation dept. they have maps that
    shows where you can hunt, fish, camp, and a lot of hicking
    trails. I live in southeast MO. around the Farmington area
    and we have alot of rivers creeks and trails to look for arrowheads. Good luck !

  • dcrc93:

    i live in Nevada mo
    i dont think there is a map for showing the best place to find arrowheads
    however missouri is a good place for looking ive heard

  • randkl:

    If someone finds the “best” place to hunt arrowheads, then that means they took the arrowheads out of that area. It’s no longer the “best” place to hunt arrowheads, right? For that reason, there are no maps that you can follow that will get you anywhere. A map to the best area would only work if you assume that arrowheads are a renewable resource and that they keep growing back as folks find them.
    My fav is the old tried and true method of searching plowed fields just after a rain. Found dozens of them over the years.
    I’ve searched creekbanks for rocks, but never for arrowheads. Do you have much luck that way?

  • David S:

    i have know idea if there are any maps but im getting all excited just thinking about looking for something! lol.
    i live on the west coast and i look for artifacts every now and then, i find them around creekbeds and water sources. we have a wetlands preserve that people have found tons of cool things and lots of arrow heads. have fun its a blast, great way to spend the day!!

  • Anonymous:

    Plowed fields.. search after a rain.
    The shores of lakes are also big producers for artifacts.
    Make sure you get the land owners permission. If you collecting around a lake, be careful its illegal in most areas. People dont get in trouble for this often, usually a warning. But you could get fined.
    Any place near a natural water source. These were areas were natives often gathered/hunt/and make projectile points.

  • Cubs rule:

    check on google

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